NVLSP Impact Report

LSW clinic with pro bono attorneys held at DAV Chapter 47 offices in Petersburg, Va.

Lawyers Serving Warriors ® NVLSP ’s Lawyers Serving Warriors® ( LSW ) is a model pro bono program. LSW offers free legal help to veterans and service members on a number of benefits issues; cases are placed with volunteer attorneys from law firms and corporate legal departments nationwide. Each volunteer receives training and guidance from NVLSP ’s team of expert attorneys, ensuring that every veteran receives top‑notch legal representation.

Over the years, LSW has assisted over 3,000 veterans and active duty personnel in their efforts to receive the benefits they deserve. In 2018, the program placed over 400 individual cases for full representation and further provided advice and brief services to over 200 individuals at clinics. With veterans’ growing need for legal assistance, LSW has recently forged new partnerships to help serve more veterans. Some of the 2018 clinic partners include the Community Care Unit WTB - Fort Belvoir, Va.; DAV Chapter 47, Petersburg, Va.; District of Columbia Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs, Fayetteville Vet Center, N.C.; Senior Law Center, Pa.; Soldier & Family Assistance Center ( SFAC ) Walter Reed Military Medical Center; National Association of Black Veterans ( NABVETS ); Prince George’s Community College of Veterans Services, Md.; and Prince George’s County Office of Veterans Affairs, Md.

PRO BONO PROGRAM Lawyers Serving Warriors ® Founded in 2007, Lawyers Serving Warriors® ( LSW ), NVLSP ’s pro bono program, offers free legal assistance to veterans and active duty military personnel of all eras through a national network of volunteer attorneys from private law firms and corporate legal departments.The program provides legal representation in cases before military administrative discharge review agencies, VA regional offices, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and the courts that review the decisions of these agencies. NVLSP staff attorneys use their expertise in veterans’ law to screen the medical and personnel records of service members and veterans, and to identify meritorious cases. NVLSP attorneys then train and mentor volunteer lawyers to ensure successful advocacy.This program allows NVLSP to act as a multiplier and help a far greater number of veterans and service members than we could alone. LSW and pro bono partners also leverage their combined knowledge and experience to produce several training manuals to help volunteer attorneys quickly come up to speed.These manuals address important topics such as service connection claims for survivors of military sexual trauma and the correction of wrongful military discharges for personality and adjustment disorders.


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Impact Report

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